Why We Are Not Naming Names

Why We Are Not Naming Names

This website is an approach to addresses the root of the problem. Spiritual abuse is not the problem of a few bad apples. It is a problem with the culture of many religious institutions and the dawa circuit. We believe that by providing education, we can help prevent Muslims from undergoing spiritual abuse, and serve as a resource for those who are going through it.    

Observers understandably want to know who the culprits in our stories are, but listing specifics is counterproductive to our purpose. Testimonies are ignored and witnesses remain silent.

Firstly, many victims who have attempted to publicly accuse their abusers were  blamed, shamed, and ostracized. Further, the community constantly questions the victim’s reality, asking, “are you sure that’s what happened?”  We know of organizations and leaders who have colluded to cover up all types of spiritual abuse.

We have testimony from respected scholars and board members, but they wish to remain anonymous. Even with documentation and credible reputations, they prefer to not go forward, referring to the serious abusive behavior as ‘a private matter.’ Many turn a blind eye or do not want to deal with the matter. In cases with less evidence, it is easy to attack the accuser.

Lastly, people are also wary of false accusations that someone with a personal vendetta can hurl at an innocent teacher.

Overall, without mass corroboration it is difficult to prove spiritual abuse, therefore it is unnecessary for us to specify perpetrators at this time. 

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