The Life of Shaykh Shukri al-Luhafi

The Life of Shaykh Shukri al-Luhafi

Please watch this video by Shaykh Hamza Karamali and Sidi Abu Munir al-Sha’ar via Basira Education.

There has been much discussion recently about charlatans using tasawwuf to manipulate and cause harm to others. It is common for opportunists to use the reputations of beloved figures to amass followers or gain status for themselves. They may share pictures of themselves with such public figures, portray themselves as associated with them, or in fact be associated and even certified, but not live a life remotely close to their own pious teachers. We cannot stress enough for Muslims not to assume that such connections are indicators of piety or trustworthiness.

In view of the above, I found it refreshing to come across this interview with Sidi Abu Munir al-Sha’ar about the life of Shaykh Shukri al Luhafi, one of the revered shuyukh of tasawwuf in Damascus. Sidi Abu Munir was the personal attendant of Shaykh Shukri (may Allah have mercy on him), and he shares a number of beautiful anecdotes regarding Shaykh Shukri’s humility and mercy to others.

What is striking from the interview is how Shaykh Shukri sought the exact opposite of building his reputation or amassing followers. To the contrary, he sought to put himself constantly in the service of others, as exemplified by his practice of pouring water for those who attended the gatherings. It is also noteworthy that Sidi Abu Munir describes how the scholars of Damascus – not to mention children and neighbors in the community – universally loved and respected Shaykh Shukri.

It is important, given the prevalence of abusive shaykhs as well as the general ignorance in our time to always put your own judgement above what you hear. Although there is value when people of knowledge and those with close personal relationships testify to someone’s character, it is not possible to state with jazm (firm conviction) that any particular individual is from Allah’s auwliya (saints).

May Allah bless us all to find and benefit from genuine teachers who help us draw closer to Allah Most High.

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