About This Site

About This Site


The purpose of this site is to educate and empower our community with the practical resources to recognize abuse and stand up to it. There are some who want to use this exposure of abuse for fueling Islamaphobia, furthering their own careers, or discrediting Islamic scholars and institutions as a whole. Our position is that our Islamic institutions and scholars are valuable, necessary, and should be respected but we should not tolerate abuse. When religious leaders in authority use their power for personal gain, it harms both the victims and their scholarly role. We want to protect both the community at large and the roles of our leaders and scholars and not use the fall one to bring down the other.

We affirm the importance of teachers, imams, and community leaders and are only concerned about the abuses of those positions. We will work with any sect or religion in addressing abuse and will host contributors regardless of faith under the common cause of preventing abuse.

We have spent over six years listening to and documenting stories of spiritual abuse, corroborating the stories, and consulting subject matter experts. This is an independent project to protect, educate, and empower our community against abuse of religious authority.

Our Evidentiary Methods

Our evidence consists of the following: first- hand witnessing, anecdotal, emails, texts, and other electronic communications, and corroborated witnesses and testimony including that of community leaders, board members, and scholars. Anecdotes on this site are not exaggerations, no matter how far-fetched they seem. Names and other personal information have been changed for protection of privacy.


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