Having dealt with a wide variety of spiritual abuse cases, we have the experience at both individual and institutional levels.  

We provide the following services to Muslims around the world:

  •      Individual coaching
    • Training, at the individual level, of recognizing spiritual abuse, narcissistic personalities, and avoiding being a victim to the abuse.
    • Training for institutions in how to address spiritual abuse in an effective way and protecting congregants from harm.
  • Policy formation that is tailored to individual communities and institutions that mitigate the harms of spiritual abuse.
  • Cult-Exit and Cult-recovery coaching. This is for groups or individuals.

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“I have worked closely with Danish for a few years and know that he has the intellectual capability and moral integrity to address abuses of rank. It is heartening to see someone so dedicated to the concept of dignity for all. I am delighted to learn of Danish’s website—In Shaykh’s Clothing—and hope this begins the discussion of rankism in his community.” – Robert W. Fuller , author of Somebodies and Nobodies,

“Danish has a deep grasp and understanding of the complexities of manipulation and the narcissistic personality. He is dedicated to helping targets of narcissists and has put much effort and forethought into establishing this web site.” – Jane McGregor, Ph. D. – author, researcher and trustee of the UK based charity the Society for Research into Empathy, Cruelty and Sociopathy (SoRECS)

“Danish Qasim is forging a courageous and humane path toward addressing bullying behaviors within spiritual communities. I have followed his training and education in this realm, and I am impressed to see this work manifesting through this website. These resources will serve the Islamic community and those in other faith traditions as well.” -David C. Yamada, Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA, Subject matter expert on bullying behaviors.

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