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Most Recent: Do I have to tell my shaykh I’m leaving? – Danish Qasim

Previous:     Muslim Influencers: Instant Reminders and Reflections – Danish Qasim


Spiritual Abuse:

Introduction to Spiritual Abuse

Accountability and Justice

Who Will Mind the Minders? – Danya Shakfeh

Lessons from the Nouman Ali Khan Allegations: The Proper Way of Handling Allegations of Spiritual Abuse – Danya Shakfeh

The Art of Creating Codes of Conduct for Islamic Institutions – Danish Qasim

Arbitration and Mediation: Alternative Dispute Resolution for Spiritual Abuse- Danya Shakfeh

Innocent Until Proven Guilty is More Than a Formality – Danya Shakfeh

Handling Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Spiritual Abuse – Danya Shakfeh

On Believing Victims and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” – Danish Qasim

Why Other Imams Don’t Help: Losing their Livelihood – Danish Qasim

Being Proactive in Accountability- Danish Qasim and Danya Shakfeh

When Abusers Die – Danish Qasim

Code of Conduct to Protect Against Spiritual Abuse- Danish Qasim and Danya Shakfeh

#AllMen….? Is Abuse a Gendered Battleground – Danya Shakfeh



Activism As a Cover for Abuse – Danish Qasim

The Sociopathic Transaction – Dr. Jane McGregor

Excuses as a Form of Manipulation – Danish Qasim



Recovery from Abuse

The Need for Space Spaces for Victims – Dr. Juhayna Ajami

Who Can We Trust? – Danish Qasim

The Challenges of Leaving Spiritually Abusive Groups – Danish Qasim

Is the Knowledge Tainted? – Danish Qasim

Backlash: Silencing Survivors of an Abusive Shaykh – Danish Qasim

The Rehab Wife – Danish Qasim


Child Sexual Abuse

Physical Beatings and Sexual Abuse in Islamic Schools – Danish Qasim
Grooming and Child Sexual Abuse – Dr. Juhayna Ajami
Triggers- Dr. Juhayna Ajami
Addressing Sexual Abuse of Children – Mufti Nawaz Khan



Everyone Has Dignity – Robert W. Fuller

Rankism- Robert W. Fuller

A Muslim’s Dignity and Social Media – Danish Qasim

Identity Scholarship: Ideological Assabiya And Double Standards – Danish Qasim



Be Careful Who you Donate To – Danya Shakfeh

Do Non-Profits Make Profits? – Danya Shakfeh

Religious Figures and Financial Transparency- Shaykh Hamza Karamali

Financial Abuse By Religious Figures – Danya Shakfeh

Identifying and Addressing Financial Abuse by Muslim Organizations – Danya Shakfeh

A Field Guide to Dubious “Zakat-Eligible” Claims by American Muslim Nonprofits – Ahmed Sheikh


Accounts and Stories of Spiritual Abuse


Uncovering The Wolf in Shaykh’s Clothing- Muslim Matters podcast with Danish Qasim

Tackling Spiritual Abuse- Muslim Vibe podcast with Danish Qasim

Spiritual Abuse in Khidma (service) MSA West 2020 Talk – Danish Qasim

Abuse in Sufi Tariqas and Rcovery – Making Sesnse of Islam podcast with Danya Shakfeh and Danish Qasim

Zakat and Spiritual Abuse- interview with Danya Shakfeh and Danish Qasim on Muslim Links

Interview with Danish Qasim on Spiritual Abuse – Muslim links

Diffused Congruence interview with Danish Qasim

Countering Spiritual Abuse by Aisha Taras ft. Danish Qasim and Danya Shakfeh (Muslim Vibe)

Muslim Views Article on Nouman Ali Khan Case – quotes by Danish Qasim and Danya Shakfeh


Contributions by Scholars


Shaykh Tameem Ahmadi

– Checks and Balances Amongst Imams

– My Shaykh’s Marriage Advice

– Sufi Tariqas


Shaykh Tarik Ata

Spiritual Abuse and Mental Preparation

Ustadh Muhammad Ahmed

– The Journey of the Dark-Skinned Student of Knowledge

Ustadha Ammarah Bholat


– Advice for Mothers During last 10 Nights of Ramadan

– Worshipping While Menstruating the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan


Shaykh Hamza Karamali

– Religious Figures and Financial Transparency


Mufti Nawaz Khan

– Addressing Sexual Abuse of Children

– Money, Women, and Trust


Shaykh Rami Nsour

– Recognizing A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (video series)

– Threats of Defamation to Silence Those Speaking Out


Mufti Mudassir Owais

– Sincerity and Checking One’s Intentions


Shaykh Abdul Aziz Suraqah

– Interview on the Shama’il of the Prophet (peace be upon him)



Securitization: CVE, Prevent, and Mental Health- An Interview with Dr. Tarek Younis

Commodification of Worship – Danish Qasim






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