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awliya’- plural of wali.

awra- The parts of the body one is obligated to cover.

basira- Spiritual insight and spiritual wisdom

baya- The pledge of fidelity to a Sufi shaykh. It is usually the way one is initiated into a tariqa.

ijazaA license or authorization.

kashf- Spiritual unveiling

kharq al-‘Ada – breaks of the empirical norms

khidma- Service. Usually means serving a shaykh or group with the belief that this service is drawing one nearer to Allah.

majlis- A gathering, usually with dhikr and private spiritual discussions not open to the public. Plural is majalis

muqaddam- A member of a Sufi tariqa who is authorized to accepe baya on behalf of the shaykh and administer invocations. Roles may vary tariqa to tariqa

murabbi- A spiritual guide in the context of a Sufi tariqa. Synonymous with ‘Shaykh of tariqa’

murid- A disciple of a Sufi shaykh. Murid is a general term for anyone who has given baya and joined a tariqa, regardless of other positions one may hold. A female disciple is called a murida.

murida- A female disciple of a Sufi shaykh

murshid- A spiritual guide. Synonymous with murabbi and shaykh of tariqa

nafs- Ego

suluk- Spiritual wayfaring

tarbiya- Edification. May refer to disciplining the soul, the nafs, or character edification.

tariqa- A Sufi order

wali- A saint. Feminine form waliya.

zawiya- A building or structure dedicated to dhikr and gatherings of a tariqa.



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