Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

-Danish Qasim 6/19/17

Spiritual abuse is a complicated problem in large part due to the covert tactics used by the abusers.  Simply drafting institutional policies or open letters and pledges do not solve the problem.  Manipulators find their ways around the rules.

For this reason we believe that an education on spiritual abuse is the best way to go.  Just as there has been an increase in mental health awareness, we need to understand how to process and deal with abuse of religious authority.

At the individual level, we must feel empowered to not put up with abuse. It is not something to tolerate.

As a community, we must find creative solutions to bring about checks and balances.  This can include an ethics committee or best practice policies. Most people will abuse unless held accountable.  

We cannot rely on God-consciousness to prevent people from abusing their rank.


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